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Letsencrypt Updated to ACMEv2? Here's how Netlify made the change and began using wildcard certificates

Discussion in 'Domains, DNS, Email & SSL Certificates' started by pamamolf, Jun 14, 2019 at 3:36 AM.

  1. pamamolf

    pamamolf Premium Member Premium Member

    May 31, 2014
    Local Time:
    11:49 PM
    MariaDB 10.1.x
  2. eva2000

    eva2000 Administrator Staff Member

    May 24, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Local Time:
    6:49 AM
    Nginx 1.15.x
    MariaDB 5.5/10.x
    Yeah Centmin Mod's uses client which is already v2 supported. Though for nginx vhost generation via menu option 2, 22 and nv commands it's still issuance per domain name SSL certs with letsencrypt due to the logic involved. Though technically you can manually do client wildcards if you want to in Centmin Mod 123.09beta01 for initial letsencrypt ssl cert issuance and it will auto renew. Just slight modification to step 4 outlined at Migrating Existing Nginx Vhost From HTTP to HTTP/2 based HTTPS With Letsencrypt SSL Certificates with appropriate options for wildcard SSL certificates and modification to Nginx vhosts' server_name(s).
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