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Beta Branch update OPENSSL_SYSTEM_USE='y' routine for EL7 in 130.00beta01

Discussion in 'Centmin Mod Github Commits' started by eva2000, Oct 29, 2023.

  1. eva2000

    eva2000 Administrator Staff Member

    May 24, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Local Time:
    9:17 PM
    Nginx 1.25.x
    MariaDB 10.x
    update OPENSSL_SYSTEM_USE='y' routine for EL7 in 130.00beta01

    - OPENSSL_SYSTEM_USE='y' routine allows Nginx to use OS system OpenSSL version for CentOS 7 = 1.0.2k, EL8 = 1.1.1k and EL9 = 3.0.7 https://community.centminmod.com/th...r-nginx-system-openssl-in-130-00beta01.24213/
    - this update allows for EL7 to use EPEL YUM repo's OpenSSL 1.1.1k to keep TLSv1.3 support which seems to track with backported updates like EL8's system OpenSSL 1.1.1k via openssl11 YUM package

    on CentOS 7

    nginx -V
    nginx version: nginx/1.25.3 (291023-052133-centos7-openvz-lxc-ba60211-br-6e975bc)
    built by gcc 10.2.1 20210130 (Red Hat 10.2.1-11) (GCC)
    built with OpenSSL 1.1.1k FIPS 25 Mar 2021

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    130.00beta01 branch

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