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CentOS 8.x Oracle Linux 8 Update 3

Discussion in 'CentOS, Redhat & Oracle Linux News' started by buik, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. buik

    buik “Life is trying things to see if they work.” Premium Member

    Apr 29, 2016
    Local Time:
    10:22 AM
    As the release of CentOS 8.3 probably take so long that by the time you walk with a walking stick, as CentOS Stream is there new love baby.

    Hereby: Oracle Linux 8 Update 3

    Oracle Linux 8 Update 3 is released and is rpm compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3.
    It is ideal to test specific EL 8.3 apps.

    And for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 you use to need subscriptions.

    Although not yet officially announced. The files are already available via the Oracle network.