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Nginx [nginx-announce] unit-1.17.0

Discussion in 'Nginx and PHP-FPM news & discussions' started by eva2000, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. eva2000

    eva2000 Administrator Staff Member

    May 24, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Local Time:
    12:57 PM
    Nginx 1.21.x
    MariaDB 10.x

    I'm glad to announce a new release of NGINX Unit.

    In addition to improved stability, this release introduces two handy features.

    The first one is configured using the "return" and "location" options of the
    action object. It can be used to immediately generate a simple HTTP response
    with an arbitrary status - for example, to deny access to some resources:

    "match": {
    "uri": "*/.git/*"

    "action": {
    "return": 403

    Or, you can redirect a client to another resource:

    "match": {
    "host": "example.org",

    "action": {
    "return": 301,
    "location": "http://www.example.org"

    See the documentation for a detailed description of routing:

    - https://unit.nginx.org/configuration/#routes

    The second new feature of the release is mostly syntax sugar rather than new
    functionality. Now, you can specify servers' weights in an upstream group
    using fractional numbers.

    Say, you have a bunch of servers and want one of them to receive half as many
    requests as the others for some reason. Previously, the only way to achieve
    that was to double the weights of all the other servers:

    "": {
    "weight": 2
    "": {
    "weight": 2
    "": { },
    "": {
    "weight": 2

    Using fractional weights, you can perform the update much easier by altering
    the weight of the server in question:

    "": { },
    "": { },
    "": {
    "weight": 0.5
    "": { }

    For details of server groups, see here:

    - https://unit.nginx.org/configuration/#upstreams

    Changes with Unit 1.17.0 16 Apr 2020

    *) Feature: a "return" action with optional "location" for immediate
    responses and external redirection.

    *) Feature: fractional weights support for upstream servers.

    *) Bugfix: accidental 502 "Bad Gateway" errors might have occurred in
    applications under high load.

    *) Bugfix: memory leak in the router; the bug had appeared in 1.13.0.

    *) Bugfix: segmentation fault might have occurred in the router process
    when reaching open connections limit.

    *) Bugfix: "close() failed (9: Bad file descriptor)" alerts might have
    appeared in the log while processing large request bodies; the bug
    had appeared in 1.16.0.

    *) Bugfix: existing application processes didn't reopen the log file.

    *) Bugfix: incompatibility with some Node.js applications.

    *) Bugfix: broken build on DragonFly BSD; the bug had appeared in

    Please also see a blog post about the new features of our two previous releases:

    - https://www.nginx.com/blog/nginx-unit-1-16-0-now-available/

    To keep the finger on the pulse, refer to our further plans in the roadmap here:

    - https://github.com/orgs/nginx/projects/1

    Stay healthy, stay home!

    wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev

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