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Sysadmin Manage your server

Discussion in 'System Administration' started by dooma, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. dooma

    dooma Active Member

    Oct 15, 2016
    Local Time:
    7:14 PM

    What do you think the most important skills that you must learn to be able to manage and secure your own linux server to host your websites ?

  2. eva2000

    eva2000 Administrator Staff Member

    May 24, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Local Time:
    3:14 AM
    Nginx 1.15.x
    MariaDB 5.5/10.x
    Definitely the skills of google-fu, reading and practise. If i don't understand something, the order i go about learning is
    • read official manual documentation
    • google-fu + read dozens and dozen how to guides for the same topic/task to get a feel for the big picture overview of the topic/task
    • reading webhosting, system admin related forums/mailing lists where folks post their problems and get a solution
    • then refer back to official manual documentation on topics and terminology mentioned in those how to guides or forums/mailing lists
    • then practice over and over
    • then only after all above, if i still have questions or issues will i seek out help in asking on forums, mailing lists etc
    You learn more from making the mistakes and then figuring out the correct way to do it ;) Which means always have a test server to test and practise on. I use local virtualbox to setup test servers and heavily use snapshot feature CentOS 7.x - CentOS 7.0 Install on VirtualBOX Guest Server | Centmin Mod Community
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