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Sysadmin Load essential resources of a website only

Discussion in 'System Administration' started by elargento, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. elargento

    elargento Member

    Jan 4, 2016
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    7:01 PM
    I know this may sound weird but there is a contest which runs on a website in New Zeland.

    There are thousands of people trying to access the website and complete the forms with personal information (all at the same time). The first 2000 people that complete the forms automatically win the contest.

    The most annoying detail is the server in New Zeland gets thousands of requests and this causes a bottleneck so only a few can load the forms. In a simple's like a DDoS attack.

    Having said this, I'm looking for ways to increase my chances and reduce the number of requests between my web browsers and the website.
    Some of my ideas are:
    • Set up Chrome to not load images (does it avoid the image requests from my web browser or just hide the images after they load??):
    • Set up a VPS (could be on Vultr) located in New Zeland, Australia or Singapore with Windows, Install some web browsers and visit the website from there so ping will be much better.
    I was hoping to install Data Saver extension on Chrome to reduce the data size but unfortunately, Google decided to delete it: Google kills Chrome’s Data Saver extension

    I'd love to get your feedback and new ideas of what solutions I could apply.
    Thank you!! :)

    Imagine I'm in Africa, I have a 56kb connection and I want to load as fewer data as possible from the websites (just the most important data like js, ajax and HTML). Even no favicon! :D

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