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Wordpress Help install wordpress

Discussion in 'Blogs & CMS usage' started by yojimbo45, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. yojimbo45

    yojimbo45 New Member

    Jan 10, 2020
    Local Time:
    5:15 AM
    Hi, i'm new to lemp/lamp stacks and i try to run install wordpress with this slack on a VPS. I'm really a beginner so i would very appreciate if you can explain without shortcut.

    I successfully installed the centmin mod initial install and the index page is displaying.

    then i tried menu option 22 to install wordpress.

    but when i go on my server i got this messages.

    server_ip/wordpress = 404 no found (nginx)

    so it seem to not work. if someone can help me :)

    this is the log of the menu option 22

    (B[m[1;33;40mUpdate wp-cli tool
    update wp-cli packages
    Using Composer to update packages...
    Loading composer repositories with package information
    Updating dependencies
    Resolving dependencies through SAT
    Looking at all rules.
    Something's changed, looking at all rules again (pass #1)
    Dependency resolution completed in 0.012 seconds
    Analyzed 1597 packages to resolve dependencies
    Analyzed 46764 rules to resolve dependencies
    Nothing to install or update
    Generating autoload files
    Success: Packages updated.
    update wp-cli
    2020-01-09 20:38:30 URL: [5568133/5568133] -> "/usr/bin/wp" [1]
    OS:    Linux 2.6.32-042stab127.2 #1 SMP Thu Jan 4 16:41:44 MSK 2018 x86_64
    Shell:    /bin/bash
    PHP binary:    /usr/local/bin/php
    PHP version:    7.3.13
    php.ini used:    /usr/local/lib/php.ini
    WP-CLI root dir:    phar://wp-cli.phar/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli
    WP-CLI vendor dir:    phar://wp-cli.phar/vendor
    WP_CLI phar path:    /usr/local/src/centminmod/addons
    WP-CLI packages dir:    /root/.wp-cli/packages/
    WP-CLI global config:   
    WP-CLI project config:   
    WP-CLI version:    2.4.0
    wp-cli update completed
    Read for full usage info
    (B[m[1;32;40mSetup full Nginx vhost + Wordpress + WP Plugins
    (B[m[1;32;40mImportant Information
    You are about to create an Wordpress based Nginx vhost site with
    or without HTTPS/SSL support.
    Also read the continually updated Getting Started Guide
    at if you haven't already
    (B[m403 Permission denied message handling
    if after vhost site setup you encounter 403 permission denied errors,
    check to see if your
    site needs tools/ tweaking & whitelisting
    (B[m[ LETSENCRYPT_DETECT is not enabled ]
    Ignore this message if you do not want HTTPS based web site otherwise
    read below carefully.
    Free letsencrypt SSL certificates integration is in beta testing if
    you want to obtain free letsencrypt SSL certificate for HTTPS site,
    you will need to manually enable LETSENCRYPT_DETECT='y' outlined
    at so exit this vhost routine first
    set LETSENCRYPT_DETECT='y' and update domain DNS A record first
    then re-run vhost site creation menu option
    Do you want to continue with Nginx vhost site creation ? [y/n] y
    Enter vhost domain name you want to add (without www. prefix):
    Create a self-signed SSL certificate Nginx vhost? [y/n]: y
    Theme Setup:
    Install CyberChimps Responsive Theme ( [y/n]: ny
    Wordpress Setup:
    Not a fan of Gutenberg Editor ? You can switch to Classic Editor
    If you run into Gutenberg Editor issues, you can later switch to
    the Classic Editor
    Install Classic Editor Wordpress Plugin ? [y/n]: y
    Autoptimize WP Plugin is installed by default. Do you want to install
    companion Autoptimize Gzip Plugin to precompresses js/css optimized files
    details at
    Install Autoptimize Gzip Companion Wordpress Plugin ? [y/n]: y
    Google Native LazyLoad Plugin
    Install Google Native LazyLoad Plugin ? [y/n]: y
    Set custom WP Admin Display Name ? [y/n]: n[Ky
    Enter Custom WP Admin Display Name:
    Install Wordpress in subdirectory /blog ? [y/n]: n
    Disable Auto Generated WP Admin Username / Password ? [y/n]: n
    Disable wp-login.php password protection ? (less security) [y/n]: n
    Enter email address for Admin User for Wordpress Installation: [email protected]
    [1;33;40mDefault is to install KeyCDN WP Cache Enabler Plugin
    (B[m[1;33;40mas it's more stable and reliable than WP Super Cache.
    (B[m[1;33;40mRedis cache may have issues with caching due to long 6hr cache TTL
    (B[m[1;33;40mYou can select which caching method to use below:
    (B[m[1;32;40m        Wordpress Caching               
    (B[m1) KeyCDN Cache Enabler
    2) Redis Nginx Level Caching
    3) Wordpress Super Cache
    Enter option [ 1 - 3 ]
    you selected option 1 (KeyCDN Cache Enabler) [wpscache=n]
    Create FTP username for vhost domain (enter username): random-username
    Do you want to auto generate FTP password (recommended) [y/n]: n
    Create FTP password for random-username (enter password): random-password
    FTP username you entered: random-username
    FTP password you entered: random-password
    (B[m[1;37;40mvhost for already exists
    (B[m[1;37;40m/home/nginx/domains/ already exists

    Please fill in any relevant information that applies to you:
    • CentOS Version:7 64bit
    • Centmin Mod Version Installed: 123.09beta01
    • Nginx Version Installed: 1.17.7
    • PHP Version Installed: 7.3.13
    • MariaDB MySQL Version Installed: 10.3.21

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  2. eva2000

    eva2000 Administrator Staff Member

    May 24, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Local Time:
    8:15 AM
    Nginx 1.17.x
    MariaDB 5.5/10.x
    the clue is the message below

    Code (Text):
    (B[m[1;37;40mvhost for already exists
    (B[m[1;37;40m/home/nginx/domains/ already exists

    So wordpress install didn't complete fully as there should be more steps output etc - see example at

    This means domain already exists on the server so the Nginx vhost for wordpress and wordpress install aborted and didn't complete.

    When you install Centmin Mod it's setup a main hostname nginx vhost host for server which is where Nginx default install index page is shown. Accessing server via IP address will show that page and it's correct and should be left as is as the main hostname site is also used for statistics pages outlined here.

    When you create a new Nginx vhost site via menu option 2, 22 or nv commands, you have a separate Nginx vhost directory structure. The differences are outlined on official Config file page and at Getting Started Guide step 1 and bottom of that page here.
    Possibly why you get already exists is if you setup incorrect the main server hostname as instead of say so that it is same as intended wordpress domain name = When you run menu option 22, it will then detect main hostname as already existing and abort.

    What does your /usr/local/nginx/conf/conf.d/virtual.conf and /usr/local/nginx/conf/conf.d/ or contents look like ? Make sure virtual.conf main hostname's server_name isn't same as any added nginx vhost site's domain name as per Getting Started Guide step 1, the main hostname needs to be unique.

    You can check via recursive grep filter of your domain name in vhost directory at /usr/local/nginx/conf/conf.d
    Code (Text):
    grep -rnw '' /usr/local/nginx/conf/conf.d

    If both virtual.conf for main hostname and or yourdomain.conf listed server_name are the same then that is why. Main hostname needs changing as outlined in Getting Started Guide step 1.
  3. yojimbo45

    yojimbo45 New Member

    Jan 10, 2020
    Local Time:
    5:15 AM
    Thank you Eva for your fast reply ! i finally suceed to install wordpress with your advice :)

    i deleted the file about the domain here /home/nginx/domains/ and started again the install. But this time it went until the end.

    I think during my first try i inadvertently cancelled the install. would have be nice if the installer proposed me to remake the file and continue the install.

    In fact the installation is really super easy and fast with the installer when you understand what you do :) Thank you for this great work.

    Would be nice a video for beginner of 5 min how to install wordpress with centminmod from the start to the end.
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