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Sysadmin Centmin Performance On Storage Servers

Discussion in 'System Administration' started by skringjer, May 16, 2019 at 8:15 PM.

  1. skringjer

    skringjer Member

    Apr 21, 2019
    Local Time:
    10:32 PM
    Greetings everyone, so i have 3 servers right now on Centmin,

    One being the application server and the other 2 being the file servers which serves uploads and downloads for the main application server.

    As said earlier, i am amazed by Centminmod on the main application server, however on the storage servers when high downloads starts and the uplink starts hitting 800 - 900 Mbps, the server load increases and becomes very slow to response. And hence the uploads starts failing, however the downloads works.

    When the download speeds are around 800 on the server i can not upload anymore files, the uploads speeds at this stage are relatively low like 150 - 200 Mbps so then i change my users to the other server,

    I have the exact same server hardware configuration on VestaCP and that performs really well, like 800+ Mbps downloads and 800+ Mbps uploads at the same time,

    I know there is some configuration issue with my Centmin configuration may be, if someone knows anything please let me know.

    Server Configuration:
    1 x Dedicated Root Server SB51
    * Intel Core i7-3770
    * 4x HDD SATA 6,0 TB Enterprise
    * 4x RAM 8192 MB DDR3
  2. eva2000

    eva2000 Administrator Staff Member

    May 24, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Local Time:
    3:32 AM
    Nginx 1.15.x
    MariaDB 5.5/10.x
    Without know about specific configurations and setup of your app and file storage servers and how you have modified Centmin Mod LEMP stack configuration, it would be hard to know why i.e. how are files actually served downloaded/uploaded which what scripts and what script language and configuration etc. If it's served via php-fpm, then you need to tune your php-fpm settings outlined at PHP-FPM - How to troubleshoot & optimize PHP-FPM server?

    Are they same servers you reloaded CentOS 7 OS on for Centmin Mod install ? Or newly ordered servers os same specs but not exactly the same servers as VestaCP ? If the latter then they can not be exactly the same as even changes in what particular network card /model are used can change the way network capabilities perform.

    Centmin Mod is provided as is, so troubleshooting load issues is left to end user to do. However, there's many linux tools and scripts that can help you figure out what was causing the issues, when and why.

    If you're providing info on this forum, more info might be helpful
    1. What version of Centmin Mod ? .08 stable or .09 beta ? If .09 beta when was it installed and when was last time you updated ?
    2. What's your VPS/Server hardware specifications ? cpu type ? memory available ? disk space ?
    3. Who's your web host ? Different hosts have different limits for server resource usage and some are more restrictive that others so it could just be their resource usage policy you tripped which may or may not be restrictive. If restrictive, then real solution would be finding a better web host. If not restrictive, then it's finding out what caused high cpu load.
    4. If running Centmin Mod 123.09beta01 or higher, you will have access to a cminfo top command which can also provide a summary of statistics - some of which are explained in info and linked articles below.
    Tools and commands you will want to read up on and learn for basic system admin tasks and troubleshooting.
    For example what's output for these commands
    Code (Text):
    top -bn1

    Code (Text):
    ps aufxw

    Code (Text):
    sar -q

    Code (Text):
    sar -r

    Code (Text):
    sar -q -f /var/log/sa/sa$(date +%d -d yesterday)

    Code (Text):
    sar -r -f /var/log/sa/sa$(date +%d -d yesterday)

    If you want to look at per process usage stats use pidstat run pidstat every 1 sec for 5 runs and sed is just to replace your main hostname with word hostname so mask your domain for posting on public places
    Code (Text):
    pidstat -durh 1 5 | sed -e "s|$(hostname)|hostname|g"

    for posting code you might want to use CODE tags for code How to use forum BBCODE code tags :)