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Showcase Now Serving Linux

  • Site Name:
    Now Serving LInux
    Site Url:
    Just a simple Burning Board site I started for Linux discussions. It's primarily where I store various info that I find useful but also wanted to have a forum for others to ask questions if they desired.
    This is one of 3 sites I run using CentMin Mod.

    Site has been brought offline due to lack of interest - both by users and by me!
  • Centmin Mod Version:
    .09 beta
    CentOS 7.3
    CPU Cores / Threads:
    Disk Space:
    2x480 SSD RAID1
    500Mbps w/1Gbps burstable (unlimited bandwidth)
    $125.00 USD
    Web Host:
    NFS storage for backups
    Length of Hosting:
    02/2016 to present
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  1. inthecloudblog
    Loads fast as hell. Host?

    Best of luck with your venture
    1. Tracy Perry
      It's hosted on an OVH dedicated E5-1630 setup (EG-32) with 2 480GB SSD's in RAID 1.
      And thanks... it's something I use more for my reference for stuff but if others desire to use it/ask questions I'm more than willing to answer on the site. :)
      Tracy Perry, Jan 29, 2017