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Showcase My site running Centmin mod are just a airplane. They fly

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    Do you really want to know them all
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    Thanks to Centmin mod my sites are running so nice that I never have seen before. Most sites load within 450ms at max.

    My special thanks to:
    @eva2000 for his hard work and make this safe and full of the latest bug fixes and security
    @fabianski for his tips on the wp rocket and the warm-cache and several other nice issues to speed up thing
    @Jimmy for his "dark theme plugin" and the latest tip on the

    @many others that made this experience with Centmin mod the best of our company

    Guess the special thanks list will grow over time, as I keep on the forum to RTFM, as this never ends and my sites even run better and safer as before.

    Kind Regards,

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    if it is beta, "I LOVE IT"
    Centos 7.6
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