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    Guided Hacking Forum
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    The Guided Hacking Forum is the best and only "learn game hacking" website. We have thousands of tutorials and multiple courses that teach everything you need to know. We have 350 video tutorials covering every topic you could ever want to learn about in the world of game hacking.

    Reverse engineering and coding is what it's all about, mainly assembly, C++ & C#. Game hacking just happens to be the most fun thing you can in the world of reverse engineering. We also cover various infosec and cyber security topics, such as penetration testing, ethical hacking & CTFs.

    We're running the latest version of the Xenforo which right now is 2.2.5. We use UI.X 2 from Themehouse as our main theme.

    Digital Ocean + CentMinMod + Cloudflare has been an excellent combination for the past few years and I doubt anything will change that.

    We get about 110k users per month and with Cloudflare serving most of the traffic, we sit at 2-3% CPU usage all day on our 40$ server.

    We're also a proud user of CentMinMod, managing the server is very easy with all of the hard work @eva2000 has put into this wonderful stack. Server runs fast as hell as well.

    I've enjoyed using CentMinMod so much I made a video tutorial series teaching you how to set it all up.
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    Always the latest & greatest beta version
    CPU Cores / Threads:
    VPS: 4 CPU / 8 Threads
    Disk Space:
    160GB SSD
    Web Host:
    Digital Ocean
    Digital Ocean Automated Backup + dbbackup.sh + manual download to an external hard drive every week
    Length of Hosting:
    3 Years

Recent Reviews

  1. Kronos
    "Great work"
    Pros - The website feels amazing, with easy navigation, and top-notch content
    Cons - None
    I've been using GH for more than 2 years now and it's what got me into game hacking. In these 2 years, I learned more than the past 10 or so by myself lol. It's not your typical forum full of people crying for copy-pasta cheats - they actually "teach you how to learn" game hacking!


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  1. eva2000
    Always great to see Centmin Mod users show how they're using Centmin Mod and how they benefit from all the work I put into Centmin Mod LEMP stack's development :cool:(y)